Normad while he isn't much of a fighter, he owes a huge contribution to the heroes with his smarts and the specializations that come with it. His most major feats being able to create a transporter the can enter other quadrants universes and DNA reanimation.

He was Killed by Viaton.



Ruler of Limbo, tells the heroes along with Mr. Nexus to kill Zelos for them. Later because they failed to kill him on time Mannequinde took Zeno and Zion to Limbo to punish them while Zamon attacked the heroes.


Malleo II

Malleo II is the Brother of Weegee II. He serves as the general of the federation and while not being on par with his brothers, he will gladly stay loyal and protect the planet.



Viaton's mentor. Seemingly an expert fighter and had the highest base deity level of any non-transformed or fused character. He Chose to train Viaton for unknown reasons.

King Certicus


A servant of King Certicus, he attacked the Next Gen Heroes for getting hit by Normad's ultraspeed ship. He was no match for them until he revealed his super state. No one could get a hit on him until Rayco manage to strike him while his guard down. Fion inadvertently killed Kilorox as he protected Racyo from a eye beam, afterwards the gang took note of him letting his guard down and killed him.

He apparently has spies but none were ever encountered.


A servant of King Certicus, he is a space tyrant who destroys planets for fun. The Next Gen Heroes encountered him as Dastrad and Azpionage asked them for help against him. Zeno was quick to make him transform into his ultimate form which the gang was no match for until he attacked Shadora. She fired one beam and knocked him out of that form, and was weakened enough for the heroes to end his reign.

He seems to be a bulkier looking Seventy-Five with the colors of Naught, but besides looks there's no relation to Seventy-Five or Naught.



Wezius is the Weegee counterpart of Multiverse 4; presiding as the limbo controller there. He's presumably a comrade Cosmosis met up with while exploring the Multiverse, and brought him along to train with Saturion. Though with Cosmosis's death, Wezius was stuck in Universe 7. Unfortunately, Wezius later meets his own demise at the beam of Viaton. And Momentarily Wezius is reunited with his colleague in the Mega void.


Saturon is a teacher that trained Cosmosis and Wezius. He especially acted like a father figure towards Cosmosis. Most of the time he suppress his power so many stereotype him for puny. But don't get me wrong this person is a very experienced fighter who has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.