Life of Awesome Face

Awesome Face was born in Epic World where most awesome faces live. He was 15 when he met Weegee. He has two brothers and one sister, named Mr. MustacheTan, and Blossom Face. His parents died when he was a kid. He's faught amongst every villian, making him one of the main characters in Epic Universe. He gets terribly mad whenever a villain hurts one of his loved ones usually causing him to transform. His wife is Indiga and his son is Junior.

Epic Universe

Awesome Face is one of four main protagonists in the original Epic Universe series. He has fought several different enemies and continued to become stronger. At the end of the series he was as strong as 3.5% of Zeno's or Xamo's power.

After Epic Universe

Awesome Face and his friends noticed that there was a being who was attempting to attack Epic World and Weegee World, that being happened to be named Hecon. Fortunately, the heroes took care of Hecon but this ended up causing his brother, Vileon to find them and destroy them. His child remained alive and so the generations continued.

Epic Universe: Next Generations

Awesome Face has a small role in this portion because the main protagonists in the Epic Universe: Next Generations series were sent back in time by Universia which branched off into a new timeline. He remains in the series even after Universia's defeat for a few more episodes.


Awesome Face has the ability to transform up to Giga Level IV and Dark Level II. His transformations and variations are shown below.