Buff Viaton is what happens to Viaton whenever he absorbs someone of significant strength (comparatively). He has shown multiple buff forms, and each one seems to slow him down.


This version has some muscles, but not enough to be in his way. This happened when he absorbed Edgelord, and he easily overpowered Zeno with it.
Viaton Buff

Super Buff

This version was obtained when he absorbed Zeno and Edgelord. His muscles slow him down in this form, though he can still do significantly harder hits than Dark Weegee II and Dark Awesome Face II.

Viaton (Buffer) (2)

Ultra Rage

With Ultra Rage, Viaton's muscles should in theory increase dramatically, especially with the uncontrolled power of Rotu-4 absorbed. Unfortunately, he vanished into Universe 6 before he finished transforming.

Viaton (Mouth) 5x