Captei is a powerful robot that resembles an Awesome Face. He was built by Normad, and was meant to help the heroes in a crisis situation. However, he went rampant and wanted revenge on the heroes for trying to disassemble him.


Captei is very selfish in nature, only caring about his own survival and revenge on his creators. Captei has a bad tendency to freak out, demonstrated twice. Once when he went rampant and attacked the heroes, and again when he learned about the self-destruct button that was going to be used on him. His selfishness, however, comes from the fact that he was going to be "killed" simply for being defective.


Captei has demonstrated many powers, since he apparently has most of the powers of the previous enemies. He can do Pops's special earthquake-like move, and can even transform like Squinian. He also has the ability to teleport people into space, something Soul Weegee was able to do.