When Zeno killed Xamo with his punch, a being was created as a result. This being was Commencer and after 80

years, he finally got enough power to generate his physical body. Commencer is a self-proclaimed evil god who just wants to rule the universe. He hates everyone and considers everyone stupid and beneath him, even when they prove him otherwise. His only unique power is creating stargates.


Being created from Zeno's punch and only awakening 80 years later, Commencer doesn't have much of a history. When he did wake up, a demon was there to be his ally and together they would take over the universe. Commencer had power around the strength of the next-gen heroes and was going to destroy their planet. However, Star-L and Rai stopped him. He then made a stargate to where the heroes were and he kind of fought in the battle when not concentrating on where to go. He was later trained by Zamon and killed fighting the heroes.

Power and Forms

Commencer doesn't have any unique powers or forms, aside from portals. He can use portals to escape from any situation easily, or portal unsuspecting victims away. Since this is the case, he can technically win any fight he wants by simply transporting the enemy away, but since he's not smart enough to use them right half the time, it blows up in his face (literally). He has no forms, but after training, he became very muscular and tall. He knows a very uncommon fusion technique, which he demonstrated by fusing with Zelos.


Commencer has an ego bigger than Universia's power, so he naturally thinks he's the best and doesn't hold much respect for others.

  • Rarizol

Commencer at first thought of the demon as an ally, though after hearing he might leave him to die if he gets injured, Commencer thought of him as trash and untrustful.

  • Universia

He considers Universia "overrated," and uses Vileon's godly beam attack as a measure to show that he isn't very powerful. He even went as far as to portal Universia to everyone just because, though he immediately got sent a good distance away from the fight.