Cosmosis, formerly known as Dream Weegee is the Soul Weegee of Universe 2. His ability is to control the cosmos. He first appeared in "Epic Universe Episode 144!" and reappeared in "Epic Universe: Next Generations - Season 3: Ep. 11". The name inspiration for Cosmosis came from the hit 2001 film 'Osmosis Jones' from the main character Osmosis Jones.


The first time Cosmosis (known as Dream Weegee that time) appeared, was when he killed off Neiz. He knew what the heroes were after for and joined the heroes on their journey.

After Xamo's defeat, he went into a training stage for 80 years. He went for the shards of Universia's recreation to become stronger and met Jupitais and Zamon. Cosmosis told him to stop using the shards, as he will use them for himself. They had an argument and Cosmosis had to fight Jupitais and in the end, it seemed Cosmosis died. However, thanks to Cosmosis ability to control the cosmos, he quickly regained form. He then absorbed one of the shards and enraged Jupitais, seemingly killing him again. In the finale of Season 3 of Next Generations however, he appeared again and had a major role in defeating Infinity Jupitais in the end.

After the events of Jupitais defeat, he managed to completly reserve the damage of the corruptions of universes 1-5. After that Cosmosis went to ask Mannequinide in Limbo to open the gateway in another multiverse for Cosmosis to leave. Nineteen years passed away, and Cosmosis returned with a friend named Wezius, other known as Weegee M-4. Together, they went to Cosmosis master called Saturion to train. Eventually they met up with the heroes and went to the Mega Void War. Cosmosis mostly went for Jupitais as his archnemesis, but he also went for Universia.

He has been killed by Universitais in Epic Universe: Next Generations -Season 4: Episode 28 of the Mega Void war.


Cosmosis is usually cocky, as seen how he brags of his deity-level or saying how he would never lose to someone as Jupitais.


Back in the original series Cosmosis was Spirit Weegee from Achille12345's videos, which is an transparent Weegee with glowing orange outlines. Now he has his own look, being Ultimate Weegee with an orange star texture over him, his mustache and eyebrows being almost pure white.