Daieegee (Epic Universe)


Daieegee is the ruler of the Daieegeeverse.

Weegee's Interference

Weegee put his evil DNA inside the cloning machine so when Daieegee came out of the machine he will end Fakegee and his Fakegee army. But Weegee's plan was ended when Daieegee came out and had neither Ultrablood nor Fakegee DNA. He then traveled to the Forgotiverse and recreated it. It is now the Daieegeeverse. He has clones of his own called Daigees.

For more information on Daieegee, visit Daieegeepedia.


His faction the Dominion of Daieegee. His army is Daieegee's Army.


1. Universe Creation

2. Death Beam- He can create a beam of death

3. Grudge Rifle- He can shoot a deadly bullet that immediately kills the target

4. X beam- A powerful beam shaped like an X


Here are Daieegee's Allies:

  1. The Yingor
  2. Daigees
  3. Alphaweegee's Army
  4. NourGodly1592 Army


Here are his enemies:

  1. Fakegee
  2. Weegee & his freinds
  3. The Vyborgitron

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