EU Season 1

EWS RECAP:the first season that started it all. In the recap(starting from epic world show finale,), Weegee and X demon had fought in the mega void for over 5 years. After that time point, Soul Weegee told Weegee the location of a mega void portal that can be located. Only 5 people can manage through the portal, and as the mega void is a big as an entire universe, it’s hard to find. Soul Weegee decided to tell Weegee as he is sorta connected with him. Unfortunately for Weegee, X demon followed him. Before X demon could fight Weegee, Weegee escaped to epic world.

Actually EU Season 1

As the heroes reunited, X demon, along with Demon Weegee and Y Demon, went to epic world and the two groups fought. The first Arc of the season had Weegee explaining his adventure to epic world. The episodes after six is mostly focused on the heroes against x, y and Demon Weegee.

After Weegee Had been knocked out or died, Awesome Face had a rage which gave him his Giga form and were overpowering the demons. As the demons last resort, they fused. The Model of what the fused Z Demon Weegee looked like was Z Demon but with a red Demon Weegee as a head. Giga Awesome face still managed to overpower Z Demon Weegee, ending the first season.

Awesome Face Achived Giga Form

We saw the first incarnation of Z Demon

Deegee was cured of his demonic self after this season.