Season 4 of Epic Universe had many important events take place. Niogee appeared as an enemy but became an ally, the Demon Overlord appeared, and Seventy-Five made a deadly strike against the heroes.


The first half of the season is fighting Niogee. Weegee is his main target, but Niogee is even stronger than Ascended Awesome Face, so Weegee naturally gets the pulp beat out of him. After many attempts to beat Niogee, Weegee and Deegee fuse into Dweegee. Niogee is very scared, and Dweegee easily overpowers him. However, the fusion didn't last long enough. Weegee eventually gets angry to the point of transforming into his ultimate form. Niogee also transforms, though the forms seem mostly even for whatever reason. After they both run out of power, Weegee uses the Universal Punch, and Niogee apologizes. They become allies.

Demon Overlord

Most of the second half of the season deals with the Demon Overlord. In a twist, the Demon Lord returns, and he realizes this means that the Demon Overlord has also returned. Which he has, since he comes after everyone. Weegee's ultimate form proves to be mostly useless, as well as Niogee's. Weegee decides to try to share the ultimate form with Deegee and Malleo, giving both of them the transformation. However, their efforts are interrupted. Seventy-Five has returned to take his revenge and destroy everyone, even the Demon Overlord. Soul Weegee appears, but even he is not enough. The Soul Warriors, as well as more characters in powerful forms appear, and Seventy-Five transforms and overpowers everyone. Soul Weegee engages him in a final fight in space, but he is killed. Seventy-Five leaves with the heroes' defeat. The heroes attempt to take out the Demon Overlord. Weegee and Deegee try fusion again, but it is overpowered, somehow. After defusing, Weegee is instantly KO'd, which causes Deegee to become angry and obtain his "powered up" version of his ultimate form. He kills the Demon Overlord.