Edgelord is (presumably) the neutral god of Universe 4. He has kept in training, evidenced when even Universia

couldn't easily attack him as he could before. Unlike Shadora, though, he is not very smart, just neutral and uncaring about everything.


Edgelord likely came into existence by being spawned as a deity. As such, he's presumably part of the "good evil" balance that the top gods have. He's presumably neutral, though a lot more so than Shadora, not even caring that the planet he was on was killed. He only cares for other strong beings, evidenced when he was angry over Vlad (U4's Seventy-Five) getting killed, but not everyone else on the planet. He was brought to Universe 1 by Zeno, since he would be helpful in defeating Universia, and since Universia could kill him at any moment.

Power and Forms

Edgelord's power is around 0.9 Deity Level, with his transformation putting him above 1. He doesn't seem to have any special skills, aside from being SO EDGY, and he isn't even a smart fighter. He only cares when it comes down to the order of the universe, so things like deities dying and Universia cause him to take action. He can transform into a giga-looking state, and he can sustain it for as long as possible.


Edgelord is friendly(ish) with Vlack, and on good terms with Zeno and Shadora, as well as the new-gen heroes.

  • Zeno

Since Zeno saved him from Universia and worked with him, Edgelord likes Zeno for the most part.