"I believe it's time that we should take it up a notch, shall we?"

Faceless One is a circular being very similar to Awesome Face III. In Season 3: Episode 13, Faceless One confirmed that he was indeed similar biologically to Awesome Face III. He was recruited along with Coligi by the main cast 80 years after the events of Epic Universe.


Faceless one is quite suppressed with his personality. While he does have his brash moments, as does everyone else, he always seems to know what he's doing.

Powers and Abilities

Mass and Energy Increase: Faceless one can increase his mass and kinetic energy simultaneously. This attack was used only once, in the battle against Fion.

Visual Awareness OR Precognition: Because of Faceless One's high visual awareness and perfect positioning during a fight, it can be speculated that Faceless One has the power of Precognition, even if it's just a thought.

Although it may not be much of a power, Faceless One doesn't appear to physically age, even after the timeskip


Faceless One's species is a variant of the Awesome Face species, but was raised on another planet. This planet is likely in the second quadrant of Universe 1. Because of the similarity, Awesome Face and Faceless One were able to fuse to make Awesome Morr.

Awesome Morr

Awesome Morr, a fusion of Faceless One and Awesome Face III, shares more than just power and looks. The personality of Awesome Morr is quite a lot more open with his thoughts, but still retains Faceless One's awareness. Oddly, this fusion brings up an unseen personality trait of curiosity.

Current Status

Both Faceless One and Coligi have seemed to perfected their teamwork, as proven by when they reappeared dealing with space pirates via. bomb on their ship. The reason for this was to teach the rest of Fion's men a lesson. After their success, they heard via. Malleo II about what was happening in Universe 6. Malleo then teleported them to the others in Universe 6, just in time to meet Xuma.