Fusion is technique used by quite a few characters in Epic Universe, most prevelent in Next Generation. Two people (Usually of the same race) use the technique to combine into one body with both of their power, although some have different increases of power. While most fusions have been shown to be preformed by two people, there instances of three and even five fusing into one!

Fusion Types

There are 3 ways to fuse. (These are unoffical names)

Fusion combines the fusee's powers.

Force Fusion combines the fusee's power but multiplies that by 100. Only Weegee, Deegee, and Shadora know this type.

Special Fusion multipliers the fusee's deity level by the other fusee's. Only Zamon, Commencer, and Zelos know this type.

Known Fusions

Y-Demon + Demon Weegee = X-Demon

Demon Weegee + Y-Demon + X-Demon =  Z-Demon+

Y-Demon + X-Demon = Z-Demon

Future Y-Demon + Future X-Demon = Future Z-Demon

Weegee + Deegee = Dweegee

Demon Weegee + Poison Demon Weegee + Acid Demon Weegee + Water Demon Weegee + Fire Demon Weegee = Super Demon Weegee

Weegee + Deegee = Weged

Star-A + Star-B + Star-C + Star-D = Star-X

Weegee II + Deegee II = Dweegee II

Zeno + Zion = Zeon

Zelos + Commencer = Comelos 

Awesome Face III + Faceless One = Awesome Morr

Weegee II + Deegee II = Weged II

Waccadian + Daccadian = Dwaccadian

Justin + Logane + Yadan = Yastane

Phentor + Penteyegon = Phenteyegor

Universia + Jupitais = Univertais