Jupitais is the brother of Universia and the main villain of Season 3 of Epic Universe: Next Generation. Despite this, he is only encountered at the end of the season as he was in the background gaining power. He first originated in Epic Universe: Next Generations - Season 2: Ep. 25.


He and his brother were originally created by Lord Omniscience to train Universes One through Five if anything serious threatened the Multiverse. It is unknown if their destructive and evilness was part of that training or that they've fallen from grace.

After Universia's defeat, Jupitais began absorbing three of his four shards, the fourth being destroyed by the heroes. He then took the Infinity Star, turning him into his infinite form. Jupitais was ultimately killed by Protein Man.


  • = Unofficial name

Atom-Spread Attack

Jupitais cuts through an opponent with his hand, which spreads apart the atoms of the victim to the point of not existing. It's his most fatal attack as it's an almost guaranteed instakill!

Cosmic Destruction*

Used against Cosmosis, in a fit of rage Jupitais unleashes a gigantic white beam of energy that destroys galaxies in its path! This attack managed to overpower Shadora and destroy Epic World and Geetopia.

Divine Shaft of Light*

In his Infinite Form, Jupitais can fire pure beams of white energy out of his eye. There are no special properties but in his Beyond Infinite Form, it managed to instantly kill Edgelord.