Liigii is the twin brother of Niogee. As a child, he and Weegee were best friends. But when they were adults, Weegee insulted Liigee's family. This caused a rivalry between the two. He was the one who discovered Demon Compound A, which can make any living thing into a killing machine. He used it so much that the strength that was gained from it stayed permanently. He also founded Demon Frontiers Incorporative. This helps Demons that were having a hard time in the Epic Universe. He was later killed by Deegee.


  1. Immortality (This was achieved after the mass usage of Demon Compound A)
  2. Demon Tranformation: He can tranform into his demon form any time (This was also achieved after the mass usage of Demon Compound A)
  3. Wii Cannon: He can shoot titanium Wiis out of this cannon
  4. Energy Reaver: He can steal energy from anything permanently if his power level goes beyond 1,000,000
    Liigii 2

    Liigii after he started using Demon Compound A