Niogee v2

Niogee is a geeman and the twin brother of Liigii. As a child, Weegee and him were best friends. When Weegee and Niogee were younger and still at their homeworld, they were a duo to save the planet against the evil Elieegee, he constantly took all the credit for beating him and mentioned nothing about Niogee. This caused a rivalry between the two. When he found Weegee once again, he was determined to kill Weegee and his loved ones (he hated him that badly). He realized that what he was doing was stupid, and what happened was in the past now and he became allies with Weegee. When Weegee killed his evil twin brother, he snapped. He was then killed by Demon Weegee.

Niogee turned into a inside joke of Epic Universe which saved him from being uncanon. He joined the Mega Void war.