Omega Seventy-Five


Omega 100% Seventy-Five


Fire Omega 100% Seventy-Five


Omega Seventy-Five is the 3rd main transformation of Seventy-Five, and the second strongest of all his forms. This form was only achieved after some training, which also doubled all his other forms' powers. When initially transformed, Omega Seventy-Five is at 10% of his maximum power, and sports a small cape-like thing on his back. He also originally had a tail, but it was cut off by Swege and never replaced for some reason.

When he powers up to 100%, Omega Seventy-Five shows bigger muscles on his arms, his head-pieces seemingly grow, as well as his cape. He is not shown to be able to sustain power between 10% and 100%.

He also first achieved his Ultra Rage version of the form during his final fight against the 4 gods. He is 5x stronger in this form, and is slowly dying and losing energy. Technically, his 500% form is stronger than his God form if we're going by transformations alone, unless we count the God version of Ultra Rage.