Omniscience is the God of the entire Epic Universe Multiverse and was the person who created everything. He's the strongest God in the multiverse and was the person who created all of the other Gods such as Zeno and Xamo. If Epic Universe: Next Generations: Season 5 were to ever happen Omniscience would be the main villain.


Omniscience's origin is unknown, but he was the person that created the multiverse. Overtime, he's reset the multiverse several times whenever he felt like it. The last time he reset the universe had Primarin and the previous group that has people like Genesis, Exodus, and Banzan. Finally, he reset the multiverse to the look everyone was used to. It was assumed he created all the Gods such as Zeno, Zion, Xamo, Xuma, Shadora, Phentor, Umbrage, Universia, and finally Jupitais. It was assumed that he let the Gods do their work, but one time was messed up by Universia. Omniscience had to fix the multiverse, as a reward for the heroes for fixing time. However, right after that when Viaton surpassed the Deity Level Limit he punished the heroes by challenging them to a fight 30 years from then. After the Jupitais fight, Omniscience punished the heroes once again by making it 20 years instead, even though Cosmosis completely reversed the damage. Later after 19 years have passed since then, Omniscience gave the heroes permission to enter Universe 6 to fight Viaton. Once the Mega Void Seal was broken Omniscience could sense all the beings escaping from it. However, he took no action and mostly watched the fights. The only time he interfered was when he brought Soul Weegee back into existence to watch him fight Seventy-Five. Once it was over he had a discussion with Primarin over his future fight with the heroes, and mortals in general.


Omniscience is the absolute strongest God in the multiverse. He was the person who had created the multiverse and reset it several times over and had created all of the other Gods who reside in the multiverse. His power is so great that he's able to bring people back from being erased entirely, and reset or destroy the multiverse in a second. He's also been shown to have a mind attack similar to Awesome Face's, but far stronger.