Phentor was the former God of Neutrality, but was later replaced by Umbrage as she was superior to him. Just like all the other Gods he was created by Omniscience along with Shadora. However, she became a rival to him as they competed each other for Omniscience.


When the multiverse was first created, Phentor was created along with all the other Gods by Omniscience. Since then he became rivals with Shadora as he competed with her for Omniscience. At some point he surpassed the Deity Level Limit, and was sent to Universe 6. Even with all that power he was still deemed inferior to Umbrage who was stronger then Phentor in power, and replaced him for the position for God of Neutrality. Eventually, he became best friends with Penteyagon in Universe 6. Years later, when the heroes passed the Deity Level Limit, Phentor had sensed them and began scheming with Penteyagon to deal with them, but were interrupted by Umbrage. She broke the news that he was replaced, and displayed her power to him. Later, he was approached by Viaton and the others for a deal to train. So they trained. At some point, Viaton revealed to them his plan to open the Mega Void. Eventually he went to fight the heroes. Once he arrived, he injured Shadora into being sent back to Universe 1. Although, even with that help he and Penteyagon suffered an embarrassing loss to the heroes, even with them fusing into Phenteyagor. They faked their deaths, and returned to Viaton and Orak in Universe 7. They refused to help, and they defused being sent back to Universe 1. In Universe 1, they discovered Shadora was still alive, so they teamed up with Xaneoi to finish her off. The fight was cut off by sensing the power of the Mega Void being opened. They made a temporary truce with Shadora, and gained their energy back to returning in Universe 6, and joining the Mega Void War. Later, they fused once again to fight Univertais. After the end of the fight they joined during the fight with Viaton, but didn't participate much in it. It's assumed that they survived the fight.


Phentor surpasses the Deity Level Limit, but he was deemed inferior to Umbrage in power as even with all the training Phentor went through he still couldn't even beat her when she was suppressed. He also suffered embarrassing losses to the heroes, and wasn't very useful during the fight with Univertais and Viaton.