Protein Man is the strongest being to ever exist. He is the 4th neutral god so far in the series.

Who is Protein Man?

Protein Man is a extremely strong and basically invincible Weegee God, he is the only Weegee and pretty much god in existence that can destroy Omniscience. However, unlike most gods, Protein Man is neutral, and refuses attack anyone unless they insult/destroy his room, or do something he doesn't like. His eye is huge because he broke his leg once, and slammed his eye against his face. This caused a great tragedy for the rest of his life.     

How did he become a master of Protein?

He once discovered the art of muscle and protein building in the mine of pure nothing and studied at the finest protein research university along with lipids and carbohydrates to try find how to become immortal without howto wikis. His dad told him to be a doctor instead but he said no since he was getting buff and thought he would be a boxer.     

After years of research he finally found out how to create simple milk and powder drinks to build up enough protein to finally create new forms of power. His favorite number is 21 because he turned immortal on his 21st birthday. He turned into a god on that day and he finally succeeded into creating an immortal drink leading him to his full protein shake diet form, but he had side effects and ended up losing many of his previous simple abilities such as legs for walking which was replaced with the ability to float.     

Where is he now?

Mysteries say that he still roams around people with zero protein until they gain protein in their diet. He remains in his room with his friends talking about corn dogs and his cool sick room. He is also currently stopping Indexgee from eating Omniscience.   

Some random facts about Protein Man

  1. He first appeared in Epic Universe (Original).
  2. He is the one of the first beings to spawn into the Multiverse,
  3. Despite him "acting" dumb, he is one of the smartest characters in the series.
  4. He and Indexgee have a minor history together but that's for another day.