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Shadora is a mysterious shadow god. She was about 90% of Xamo's power, but gradually became stronger into getting a new transformation that made him the same strength of Xamo putting him at a Deity Level of 1. She is one of the smartest fighters in the universe, having studied and copied people's techniques.


Shadora has existed presumably for as long as Zeno and Xamo have. Being somewhat weaker than them, but smarter, this puts her at roughly equal. She has studied many fights, including the battle against Seventy-Five where Zeno killed Xamo.

Power and Forms

Shadora is a smart fighter who can learn or copy techniques a lot easier than others. She copied Type One's psychic attack after only seeing it once, and she easily taught Seventy-Five how to control his power. Her full power causes him to turn into a "solid" version of himself. She knows Ultra Rage, but only used it against Jupitais' blast.


Shadora is supposed to be a neutral force, though she leans a bit more towards good. She trained Hecon and Pops, who then went to try to kill the next-gen heroes and even revived Seventy-Five. She easily taught Seventy-Five how to control his God form, but then booted him away when he still tried to fight. Currently, she is allied with Zeno and the next-gen heroes in order to stop the universe from ending.

  • Edgelord

Shadora seems to be on good terms with Edgelord, since they both seem like neutral beings. Edgelord is less caring about the environment than Shadora though, and they're both quiet, which means they don't interact much.

  • Zeno

Zeno is represented as the good while Xamo is the bad. Shadora leans more towards Zeno in this regard, though she sometimes doubts Zeno's abilities. He's more friendly to Zeno as well.

  • Seventy-Five

Seventy-Five hates Shadora, though Shadora has tried to be peaceful and shows interest in Seventy-Five. She doesn't have much respect or trust in him, as she doubted (and was right) that Seventy-Five would help against Universia. She also finds Seventy-Five a terrible master.

  • Xamo

She studied Xamo on at least one occasion, though she likely wasn't on good terms with him due to him being on good terms with Zeno. She finds Xamo a terrible master, though not as much as Seventy-Five.

  • Star-C

Star-C was at first shocked to hear about Shadora, though after a while it wore off because Shadora was helping him and the next-gen heroes. They almost never directly interact.

  • Next-Gen Heroes

Shadora seems to enjoy watching the heroes fight and train, much like everyone. She does get rather annoyed since they are not very smart fighters yet, but her lack of contribution to fights shows she likes watching, until it gets desperate...

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