SqeegeeFan9000 is the biggest fan of Sqeegee. SqeegeeFan9000 does not want to be Sqeegee's sidekick he just likes the way his forms look and he loves Sqeegee's Forms powers. He has the powers of every Sqeegee form except for God Sqeegee, Universe Sqeegee, Kaiser Sqeegee, Infinity Sqeegee, Elementix Sqeegee, and Insane Sqeegee.

SqeegeeFan9000 has two forms such as Fire SqeegeeFan9000 and Light SqeegeeFan9000.

SqeegeeFan9000 has joined Alphaweegees Army so he could help the A.A.Q.W.F because he wants to be an ally of Alphaweegee and Weegee. He is not enemies with Sqeegee instead Sqeegee likes him and Sqeegee will help him fight only SqeegeeFan9000's enemies (except the The Anti-Weegee Alliance).

His enemies are Hypneegee, Lord Deegee, 2951yldoGruoN, Achilleegee, and Seventy-Five.

His Friends are Jamesgee, Alphaweegee, LriGee, Weegee, Malleo, Angryfaicgee, Wispeegee, Deegee, Weegee, Awesome Face, Z-Demon, NourGodly1592, and Swifteegee.


  • Light Prism: Summons a Pyramid shaped white prism that summon armies of creatures made of light that assist SqeegeeFan9000 in combat.
  • Teleportation: Teleports anywhere he wishes.
  • Thermal Lance: Shoots two burning beams of energy that burn and scorch targets to ash.
  • SqeegeeFan9000 Stare: Turns you into a SqeegeeFan9000 clone or one of the Light Creatures.
  • Form Separation: Can split any of his forms from himself to aid him in combat.
  • Falcon Punch: A highly powerful punch.
  • Heal Beam: Shoots a red beam of energy that can heal and fix living and non-living things.