Squinian is a clone of Sqeegee who exists 80 years after the events of Epic Universe. He appears in Epic Universe Next Generations as an antagonist. He has an amplified form called Elementix Squinian, and he was roughly as strong as Pops and Hecon after their training. He got killed by Star-D in his super form.


Squinian resembled Sqeegee as you might guess, with dark purple skin and a light purple shirt. His eyes, mustache, and two extra tentacles he has on his back are a bright pink; while he appears to have a indigo mohawk for some reason.

Upon transforming he under goes a drastic change. His skin turning black and loses his shirt, becoming rodunt and somewhat buff. His back tentacles, mustache, and legs turn red; howver his eyes turn grey with green pupils. His mohak is replaced with a headband, and gains shoulderpads and a crystal on his chest. Orange markings appear on his arms and back tentacles, along with a spot under his headband.

Form Speculation

His Elementix form is quite odd considering how different he looks. It resembles on of Sqeegee's higher forms with the black and red motif. Given the firey aspect it can be referred it's a combination of Sqeegee's Fire and Über form or beyond.

While being a creation of Xamo (as he was seen in the cryotubes in Season 3) he can theoretically know the technique Ultra Rage but he hasn't been shown to use it. Perhaps Elementix is a subsection of Ultra Rage given the general red color?