Ultimate 75 New Happy
Ultimate Seventy-Five is the first main transformation of Seventy-Five. He gains the most power from his previous form in this form, being 50x stronger than base.

This form is one of the most used out of all his transformations. Untrained, he only tapped into it when in extreme rage, such as against Soul Weegee and Dweegee. He shows off some powers in this form, though they are mostly amplified versions of his other powers. The only unique power he shows is being able to do an "afterimage" type attack, seemingly tripling his power (though he did not need to do so when he used it against Soul Weegee, perhaps it was because he could not access his full power). He also demonstrates use of the Falcon Punch move, using an amplified version to separate Dweegee's fusion. For an unknown reason, this form contains wings.