Universe 2 is one of five universes in the Epic Multiverse. This universe is one of the most diverse, as it features three different Seventy-Five characters.


There are five seen heroes in Universe 2. One of them is a Weegee-Malleo fusion called "Meegee". The other one's name is unknown, though it's presumed to be "Lalleo"; based of Lalleo from Weegeepedia. Their strength is unknown, though they appeared to have battled it out with the Seventy-Fives for some time. The third one is Fifty-Seven, one of the alternate Seventy-Fives. Fifty-Seven is fairly strong, being able to go through a blast and kill Sporg, one of the evil Seventy-Fives. The fourth one is Dream Weegee, universe 2's Soul Weegee. He is strong enough to kill Neiz, and he knows about Soul Weegee's coma. The fifth one is an awesome face, and he says he's the third strongest in the universe.


There are two seen villains in Universe 2. One of them is Sporg, the strangest looking Seventy-Five. Sporg was alongside Neiz during their battle against Meegee, Lalleo, and Fifty-Seven, but he was the weaker of the two, and died by Fifty-Seven. Neiz is Sporg's master, and therefore is stronger, and a lot more aggressive. He doesn't hesitate to attack the universe travelers from Universe 1, assuming them to be friends with Meegee. He was killed by Dream Weegee. Both Sporg and Neiz were revived to battle the heroes, alongside the other alternate Seventy-Fives, by Evil Soul Weegee.