Universe 3 is one of five universes in the Epic Multiverse. It only has two beings, Lord Tex and his master (unnamed), and they are considerably weaker than other universe versions.

Brief Fight

When the universe crossers entered Universe 3, they were immediately greeted by Tex and his master. Tex is shown to be an alternate Seventy-Five. His master, however, is an evil Awesome Face, and it is unknown as to how this occured. His master doesn't fight here, but Tex does. He is shown to be on par with Ultimate Niogee, and have regeneration far greater than other Seventy-Fives. However, after nearly getting killed by Swege, the universe crossers leave since there are no allies.


Tex and his master were brought over to Universe 1 by Evil Soul Weegee for the final fight. Tex was shown to be roughly on par with Star-D, and his master was getting beat by Ultimate Awesome Face. He was killed by a bunch of Weegees from Universe 1, and Tex was killed by Niogee and Swege.