Universia's Backstory

Universia is the destroyer of the multiverse, his only purpose in life is to simply destroy. He was spawned during the beginning of time itself but was very weak. Although each time Universia is killed, he is brought back to life two million years later but several times stronger. He has died four times already and has been spawned yet again into the multiverse. His power even exceeds Xamo's power by 6.5 times. Once he was spawned back into reality, Zeno quickly created a dome around him that he thought would prevent him from escaping but it failed. Zeno then sent Universia to Universe 5 where he thought he couldn't escape. Unfortunately for Zeno, that wasn't the case. Universia learned the ability to create wormholes and escaped into Universe 2, Universe 4, and then Universe 3. Universia was confused on why he couldn't return back to Universe 1 and it was because of the dome he was surrounded in. It had a special chemical that prevented Universia from returning. In order for Universia to get back into Universe 1, he asked Tezion how to do it. Tezion said that he would need to go to an planet in the second/top-right quadrant of Universe 2. That planet contained an ocean which cleanses someone of a disease or effect. Universia found the planet only to be introduced to Darhestor who prevented him from getting in. Darhestor used a heart attack ray on Universia which prevented him from moving and almost killed him. Fortunately for Universia, he was saved by Viaton and then Darhestor was killed along with several galaxies. Viaton became an ally of Universia and both escaped back into Universe 1. Universia fought against Zeno, Shadora, and Edgelord but still won. He ended up taking Zarmon as a prize and to prevent the heroes from running anymore.