Vileon's Backstory

Vileon is a ruthless clone of Demon Weegee who is related to Hecon which technically makes him his brother. Vileon and Hecon share very similar DNA, however Vileon surpassed Hecon by training constantly. Hecon was harmed to the point of having a near death experience by Awesome Face, Weegee, Deegee, and Z-Demon for trying to attack Epic World and Weegee World. This caused Vileon to become a madman and manage to find those who harmed Hecon. He brutally murdered Awesome Face, Weegee, Deegee, and Z-Demon in front of Star-C's eyes which caused Star-C to transform into his Non-Mastered Insane Form. Star-C made a quite big deal of damage towards Vileon but not enough to the point where he killed him. Vileon risen back again when Star-C's power drained down but he spared his life and stated that Vileon might use him as a servant in the future.

The Battle Against Vileon

45 years later, Star-C encountered Vileon for a second time when fighting against Vileon's servant Zelos. Star-C was incredibly angry and started a fight against Vileon. Vileon was much stronger than he ever was before and quickly took down Star-C. Star-C passed out and had a flashback of his friends being murdered. This caused Star-C to transform into his Mastered Insane Form. That form overpowered Vileon to the point where Vileon had to use his max power against him. It was an equal fight until Star-C started losing his power. Star-C quickly fused with the rest of the Star-Force to become Star-X. Star-X overpowered Vileon until he became angry and used the Ultra Rage ability. He used his Godly Blast in order to destroy Star-X but Star-L sacrificed himself in order to save Star-X. This caused Zeno to become enraged and punch Vileon which caused his Ultra Rage to fade away. This gave the heroes a chance to defeat Vileon but Star-X defused. Star-C still had some power in him but not enough to defeat Vileon, nor could the rest of the heroes. Vileon used his self destruct ability which was similar to Universia's technique. It wasn't mastered so he took damage from it, but it still harmed Star-C. Star-C was unable to fight but this gave an opportunity for his friends to take place and defeat Vileon. Awesome Face III, Weegee II, Deegee II, Doxic, and Wegar created a combined blast and destroyed Vileon once and for all.