Reegee appears as a character in Protein Universe, he doesn't speak english.


Reegee was involved in The Great War, where he gained significant infamy during his service. Subsequent to his enlistment, he almost immediately dishonorablly discharged after his deployment due to his voluntary war crimes.The most notable being his intense lust for killing civilians to drink their blood, where historians have observed a trend where he only targeted a niche type of age, young children.

Shortly after his crimes were discovered, Reegee faked his death to escape punishment. He changed his name from "Von Keizer", to simply "Reegee", and proceeded to leave his country to begin his new life elsewhere. Due to the life conquences if he were to verify his past, he cannot become a legal citizen within the country. Reegee seeked employment illegally at blue-collar careers, ranging from hot dog stands to walmart security. The immense stress that snowballed from debt and rent, he began an artistic hobby to create vent art. 

He later found out he can sell vent art at absurdly large prices thanks to the foundation of an art musuem nearby. He began a 2nd job as an artist under the name of Reegee, a new person that is haunted with his Von Keizer past. Reegee truly believes he can become a better person, but does not have much to show for it. He is only seen as another immigrant that takes the role of modern slaves in minimum-wage paying jobs. Until one day in his security job shift; he saw Protein Man steal an airplane, realized this was his time to prove he was a better man, and ultimately get fired due to walmart's "No Hero" policy.


  • his original name was jimmyFOMA but it was accidently given to the other guy as a mistake so pretend nothing happened