Weegee was born before the original Epic Universe series started. He is an extremely powerful person for his age. He once crashed on a planet called "Epic World" due to his sworn enemy Demon Lord attacking his home planet, once he crashed there, a species of Awesome Faces restored him to full health. He then fought alongside the Awesome Faces for many years, he never found his home planet until one day the planets both collided into one and created EpicGees.


Weegee was born two years after Malleo. He was born to Fortran and Ulona. Weegee and Malleo, sadly due to their hard life, they were put up for adoption and their parents sent them on a stork. The Stork was later attacked by Kawmek and then he stole Weegee. Later Yushee and others found Malleo and helped him reunite with his brother. Travelling through a dangerous world Yushee did his best to reunite the brothers and return them to there parents. After defeating Bowsa, Kawmek used his magic powers to turn him into Giant Bowsa. He almost destroyed Yushee but later he defeated Kawmek and reunited Weegee and Malleo. Yushee has lots of good stuff and although they were supposed to be adopted he took them to their real parents; Fortran and Ulona and together lived a happy life.

Epic Universe

Weegee is one of four main protagonists in the original Epic Universe series. He has fought several different enemies and continued to become stronger. At the end of the series he was as strong as 3.5% of Zeno's or Xamo's power.

After Epic Universe

Weegee had a child named Weedee. Weegee and his friends noticed that there was a being who was attempting to attack Epic World and Weegee World, that being happened to be named Hecon. Fortunately, the heroes took care of Hecon but this ended up causing his brother, Vileon to find them and destroy them.

Epic Universe: Next Generations

Weegee has a small role in this portion because the main protagonists in the Epic Universe: Next Generations series were sent back in time by Universia which branched off into a new timeline. He remains in the series even after Universia's defeat for a few more episodes alluding to when he and the others return in the mega void war.