Wezius is the Weegee counterpart of Multiverse 4; presiding as Weegee there. He's presumably a comrade Cosmosis met up with while exploring the Multiverse, and brought him along to train with Saturion. Though with Cosmosis's death, Wezius was stuck in Universe 7. Unfortunately, Wezius later meets his own demise at the beam of Viaton. And momentarily Wezius is reunited with his colleague in the Mega Void.


Wezius was the Weegee counterpart of Multiverse 4. It's unknown what he had done there, but at some point he met with Cosmosis. They befriended each other in there where Cosmosis let him know about Saturion and everything else about his own multiverse. Later, he was brought in Limbo to Mannequinide with Cosmosis. He tried to lie about being a candidate for Limbo Controller. This didn't work, but was still given permission to enter Universe 7 to meet with Saturion they had plans to train, until they sensed Viaton and Orak enter the universe. Eventually, they met with the heroes and joined the Mega Void War. Wezius never participated in the Mega Void War, and died by the end of war when Viaton killed him with a blast during the fight with Knix.


Wezius surpasses the Deity Level Limit, but he isn't even close to the power compared to his allies Cosmosis and Saturion. Even then, he was deemed worthy by Cosmosis to bring along with to his own multiverse. It's unknown how strong Wezius could've been if he survived long enough to be trained by Saturion.