"Goodbye my friends..."  ~ Z-Demon before being killed by Demon Weegee.

The Life of Z-Demon

Z-Demon was born from a fusion between X-Demon and Y-Demon, they quickly joined forces with the good guys to fight against the evil and powerful Demon Lord. They defeated the Demon Lord, but then after that Sqeegee decided to step in and fight them once again. Z-Demon quickly realised that Sqeegee was also after him so he chose to fight for the good side once again. He was still partially evil. After that, he went into the future with the team and decided to fight against other demons such as the ones in the future. After they returned back to their time, they faught Niogee and the Demon Overlord. Several months later, his evil and good split into two seperate beings. General John the bad part of him so he was completely good. He then died after trying to save the planet from Demon Weegee's blast. Months later, he was revived by Star-A and Star-B.


Much like other demons, he is based off of Shredder, taking the form of a lean one clad in black armor. His shoulder pads, gauntlet and leggings each have three spikes, along with two claws on his left hand. His helmet has three prongs, two curve outward like a crescent while the middle one curves slightly backwards. Z-Demon also has a long white belt that reaching his ankles, it connects to a button with red flame symbol.


Z-Demon has a total of 6 forms, not counting Evil Z-Demon. The sixth one wasn’t shown until Season 4 of Next Generations. Giga levels 1 through 5 plus a form unique to him.


Obtained while fighting Demon Lord, gives his armor a slight red tint and his helmet’s prong turn red. Multiplies his power by 2!


, covers his body with a saturated blue light. Multiplies his power by 100!


Achieved by defeating his literal inner demons, similar looking to his Quantum form except removed the color around his exposed limbs and face. Technically weaker than said Quantum form so he hasn't used it. Multiplies his power by 90


, simply a recolor of his Pure form but a dark crimson. Multiplies his power by 180!


, another recolor but a nice turquoise shade. Multiplies his power by 720!


Obtained somehow when living in the Mega Void, again a recolor but a platinum grey. The multiplier for this form is unknown.