Zamon is the third clone of Demon Weegee and therefore the brother of Hecon and Vileon. He is the strongest of the Demon Weegee clones. He is Jupitais' right hand man and the trainer of Commencer and Zelos. Was eventually killed by his own master after he realized he was being used.

Season 3

Zamon makes his first appearence (besides the intro) in Episode 1, foreshadowed in Xamo's lab in one of his cryotubes; he truly appears in Episode 9 as a follower of Jupitais.

Acting as Jupitais' partner he helps locate the remaining Shards of Universia to increase their power. He also recruits Commencer and Zelos and trains them in the Time Dilatia and possibly taught them their odd fusion technique. Later Jupitais sends him off to fight the heroes after dealing with Cosmosis for the second time.

After fighting the heroes he unveils his Rose form which dominates them all except for when Shadora combined Ultra Rage with Kaioken which finally overpowered him. They managed to convince him he was being used by Jupitais and rebelled against him, eventually dying from Jupitais after he got the Infinity Star.

Season 4

Reappearing in Episode 24 as one of the numerous souls to escape the Mega Void. He went after the revieved Jupitais, initally weaker, but he used the technique Ultra Rage and thrashed him for a short bit. It is unknown if he can still access his Rose form.


Based heavily on Goku Black, Zamon wears a black body suit with grey overalls-shaped gi over it with one of the straps ripped, the one that isn't ripped has a red button on it. Along with it he has a red sash, white boots and gloves, a chain around his chest, and a fairly regular black hat with an L. His face is different from his brothers, just having the regular Geeman face, though he has auburn hair rather than the mspaint brown, plus red eyes.

In his Rose form, his hair spikes up a bit and turns pink along with his eyes.